Thank you for stopping by! NoIntegrity.Org is a small website, with a very small gaming community. Mostly, just players looking for a place to wind down. Feel free to browse the site. The major focus is Unturned, but Killing Floor and Unreal Tournament 2k4 servers will be coming up shortly.

A video taken by one of my players...I feel so honored! Credit to Waterboy's World on YouTube!

If you would like to get a hold of me, you may do so at the following:

Email: abortizjr at gmail dot com

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I'm very touchy about donations. I don't encourage them, but I don't discourage them. Unfortunately, I don't have the gameservers set up to 'reward' players in a way that they would see a return or a perk towards their game accounts here at NoIntegrity.Org. I've never asked for money, and I've never really felt the need for it mostly because I enjoy hosting the gameservers out of fun. That being said, if you WANT to donate, you may do so at the following link (opens a new tab to PayPal):
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